Kitchen islands were widely seen in villas and mansions, but now have nearly become a staple in larger apartment kitchens too. The style and size vary according to the space available. All-in-all the island is unquestionably the most versatile section of the kitchen. It is not just for the functional purposes of storage, prepping, cooking and cleaning but also the nucleus of the kitchen space for socializing and interaction.

“Over the years, it has become increasingly open-plan and developed into a living space where family and friends get together and enjoy life. This is one of the reasons why a kitchen island has become indispensable for many people – because it symbolises the interactive heart of the room.” – next125 kitchens.

Here are a few prerequisites to consider to create the perfect island:

  • Space


    Smaller sized kitchens can be fitted with an island but requires skillful space planning. Our designers will ensure there is safe space for circulation and action around the kitchen. An open plan layout for smaller kitchens offers more possibilities for islands.

  • Function


    The kitchen island offers great versatility of functions. It can be a simple additional worktop space with storage or can be the cooking island with a hob. It can also house charging plug points, sink, breakfast bar and more; all this will determine the electrical and plumbing points.

  • Structure


    Depending on the previous 2 requisites, the structure of the island can be determined. Alongwith the aesthetics, the functions also needs to be incorporated. Following are some exquisite examples of kitchen projects with island we have executed:

Apartment Kitchens with Island

Villa Kitchens with Island

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