How do you approach a project for a client who heads a globally acclaimed interior design studio? Well, our approach remains the same for every project – the same enthusiasm and creative resourcefulness.

The client chose Schüller-C Gala kitchen to be built on a decorative tiled flooring in his Arabian Ranches Villa. Hence we decided bold finishes like knotty oak wood veneer and truffle brown high gloss lacquer balance out the intricately printed monotoned decorative flooring.

A visual connection is made between the kitchen and flooring by the quantum quartz worktop in Storm color. Especially by island side panels made of the same quartz Storm, the overall visual synergy is enhanced.

The handless tip on system ensures no unwanted protrusions and no extra material or color being added to the visual canvas of veneer and lacquer. Not to forget mentioning the ease of operation that the tip on feature offers. An array of tall units, base units and wall mounted units with fold flap doors has maximized the storage in this kitchen.

Another special treat about this kitchen are the 2 alcoves/ niches of varied sizes bordered by the Storm quartz between the tall panels that are.

All the Siemens and Miele appliances are fully integrated and invisible to the eye. Foster sinks and mixer in brushed chrome merge into the open kitchen seamlessly.

This kitchen has a massive sliding door on one side as the only separation between the indoors (kitchen) and the outdoors (backyard). Due to this the oak veneer gives a sense of the outdoors being extended inside, making the vibe of the kitchen very close to nature.

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