January 2024

Create the perfect ambience in your kitchen with strategically placed lighting.

Lighting in Schüller kitchens often takes center stage as one of the pivotal element that goes beyond mere functionality. At Schüller, we believe that while a well-lit kitchen is essential for practical tasks, the importance of lighting extends far beyond efficiency—it plays a fundamental role in creating ambiance, enhancing aesthetics, and fostering an inviting atmosphere. In this blog, we delve into the dual significance of kitchen lighting, exploring its impact on efficiency and ambiance.

Illuminate your Schüller kitchen with an array of lighting options, each contributing to the creation of the perfect atmosphere and enhanced efficiency:

  1. Pendant Lighting: Enhance both task lighting and ambient glow with versatile pendant lights, a common choice for kitchens with islands. Ideal for food preparation and social gatherings, these lights add visual aesthetics to the heart of your home.
  2. Integrated Cabinet Lights: Transform your kitchen ambiance by incorporating illuminated glass cabinets and open shelving. This not only creates a captivating play of light but also accentuates objects on display, adding a touch of sophistication.
  3. Built-in Spotlights: Unseen yet impactful, built-in spotlights discreetly illuminate work surfaces from under wall units, casting a pleasant atmosphere. Bid farewell to dark spots under wall-mounted cabinets as they come to life.
  4. Grip-Ledge Lighting: Beyond setting the mood, grip ledge lighting serves a dual purpose by effectively brightening drawers below. Enjoy a seamlessly lit kitchen space that combines functionality with ambiance.
  5. Plinth Lighting: Experience a subtle, ambient glow with plinth lighting that illuminates the kitchen floor, especially during evenings. A radiant addition that enhances the overall ambiance of your kitchen space.

Schüller’s premium-quality LED mood lights, for instance, are called mood lights: thanks to the intelligent controls, the light colour can be seamlessly adjusted from warm white to neutral white. This means that you can create the perfect atmosphere in your kitchen in a flash.

Schüller kitchens are known for their nuanced designing and impeccable efficiency that creates the best spaces for you to not just cook but spend time in.

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