February 2024

Luxury lighting redefined by graceful motion.

It was an immensely rewarding and invaluable experience for us at Occhio store by Goettling to contribute to the premium villa project developed by Naga Architects on Palm Jumeirah, which recently earned the prestigious International Property Award for ‘Best Architecture Single Residence.’ Our Occhio pendant lights from the Mito Cosmo series adorn multiple kitchens and dining spaces within the exquisite multi-villa project. Set on the manmade island of Palm Jumeirah’s premium real estate, the project exudes opulence and luxury. Our collaboration with Naga Architects is a testament that the best spaces demand the best lighting that brought this stunning vision to life.

With Mito cosmo, Occhio has created a completely new category – and innovatively eliminates the application limits of luminaires. Mito cosmo move offers spacy glow, downlight, ceiling luminaire, floating light cloud, perfect table lighting – all this in one luminaire.

A galaxy full of possibilities – Mito cosmo!

As a shining highlight or the perfect addition to a luminaire cloud: with Mito cosmo piano, Occhio offers its iconic ring luminaire as a recessed luminaire for the first time – whether as a warm, mysterious glowlight or a powerful, glare-free downlight – or both. A new category!

Strategic lighting design can accentuate architectural features, highlight focal points, and create desired ambiances, shaping the overall mood and atmosphere of a space. Additionally, lighting allows for flexibility and control, enabling users to adapt the lighting scheme to suit various activities and preferences. Ultimately, thoughtful integration of artificial lighting is essential for creating well-balanced, inviting, and visually appealing interiors.

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Visit Occhio store by Goettling at Dubai Design District for an immersive experience.