March 2024

Level it up with the perfect combination of light and sound – ZUMA

Introducing Zuma Lumisonic: a revolutionary sound and lighting system that promises to elevate your interior spaces like never before! This innovative fixture combines the functionality of a high-quality loudspeaker with the brilliance of premium LED lighting, all in one sleek spotlight nestled within your ceiling.

Experience immersive audio and exquisite illumination seamlessly integrated into your home environment.

Zuma Lumisonic – not only a brilliantly designed fixture with its push-up spring blades, but also a practical solution to two common home upgrade challenges. This innovative device combines a multi-room stereo speaker system, developed in collaboration with experts from Naim and Bowers & Wilkins, with a Hue-esque LED smart lighting system, all in one seamless unit.

Don’t need the sound integration with Zuma light? No problem!

Go for the Zuma Luminaire!

Experience the pinnacle of intelligent lighting with Luminaire. Designed to complement Zuma Lumisonic, Luminaire provides natural, tunable lighting across your entire home. Combine Luminaire and Lumisonic for a seamlessly integrated, brilliantly smart sound and lighting system.

Fill your home with natural, restorative light and healing immersive sound.

Lumisonic simplifies clean living by combining premium HiFi speakers and advanced LED lighting in your ceiling. Say goodbye to cluttered electronics as Zuma provides wireless sound and lighting control that’s effortless to set up and use daily.

Luminaire provides complete ambient lighting control, offering a range of customizable strength and color options for personalized settings. With a single touch, you can infuse each room with circadian light, known to enhance wellbeing and promote better sleep by mirroring the natural sunlight throughout the day.

These systems are best utilised in combination.

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