cop28 at Expo City Dubai with coniferous forest background

November 2023

The United Arab Emirates is geared up to host the prestigious Conference Of the Parties (COP28).

Commencing in less than a week at the globally acclaimed Expo City Dubai COP28’s overarching aim is to foster global collaboration against climate change.

Sustainability and ecologically responsible design is a culture developed through years of slowly and consistently adopting and adapting to greener processes at as many stages of life as possible. Our premium German kitchen brand – Schüller has been an active participant in the manufacturing of products in the best sustainable manner.

Schüller’s commitment aligns seamlessly with COP28’s agenda, particularly its emphasis on transition to renewable energy to reduce and eliminate the dependence on fossil fuel.

Schueller has adopted responsible production with investments in eco-friendly production facilities, a heating system fired on scrap wood, effective energy management certified to DIN EN ISO 50001. Additionally, their fuel-saving fleet of trucks that adhere to Euro 6 standard promotes fuel efficiency and reduced emissions.

An initiative by COP28 is the conservation of the green cover on this planet. In tandem with this objective, Schüller company is certified with the PEFC logo. It is a testament of their commitment to the environment and meticulous use of wood as an indispensable raw material. PEFC is an acronym for “Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes”. Upholding the PEFC label is traceable confirmation that the woods and wooden materials used originate from ecologically, economically and socially sustainably managed forests and controlled sources.

As COP28 takes place in the UAE which is a pioneer of renewable energy and home to some of the largest solar projects, we at Goettling Interiors continue to work with ecologically responsible brands. Like Schüller, that stands as a testament to the intersection of corporate responsibility, sustainable manufacturing, and the global pursuit of a greener future.

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