“Open and direct” like our people from “The Ruhrgebiet”, a region in Germany  that is known for being typical German: productive, straight forward and set to their values.

More about the brand products:

The new brand miinu® represents exactly that when you roll out their carpets.

Quality and qualities inspired by everlasting traveling and in search of the best clients being in harmony or even in contrast with the local industry and culture.

Similar to a tailor made suit or any other piece of custom made garment in the fashion world, miinu® will lay a new “Infit” into your rooms. The mix of stylish colours and well selected materials defines the special character.

miinu® combines tradition with the culture of our modern way of life. Personal service is of course one of our top priorities. The crossover between different styles is setting trends while staying open for individual customisation according to our client’s desires.

miinu® creates modern tradition!

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