The most transformative cabinet from next125!

Versatility has been given a physical form – the POCKET SYSTEM.

Open, close, open, close, open, close, . . . the pocket system turns the furniture into an artist of transformation, which sometimes functions as a home office solution, sometimes as a bar cabinet or can accommodate as many functions of the kitchen as desired, up to the fully functional pantry kitchen.

The highlight of this cabinet is the fact that when it is closed it looks like a neat piece of minimalist furniture, but when opened it truly is a revelation showcasing the complete functionality. next125 offers the best of the finished for both – the pocket doors as well as the carcass and features inside.



Office Pantry

Bar Unit

Home Office

The benefits of using the Pocket System are endless. It can be easily curated to suit the requirements of the end user. One can choose from a wide range of outer and inner finishes and colors. The interior modules can be composed specifically to the required function.

The functionality offers a large spectrum of variety. From being a part of the Kitchen, to a stand-alone Office Pantry. The Home Office doesn’t need to be out exposed in an open-plan layout home; but can be concealed with the Pocket System. The glorious Bar Unit can be placed in the middle of the living room and opened up whenever the user desires.

The Pocket System lessens compromise of exposure and gives the user full control of showcasing the cabinet’s interiors. This cabinet doesn’t need an absolute habitat, and can be easily incorporated with any space – residential, office and commercial.

Pocket system has been awarded the German Design Award 2022 in the category of “Excellent Product Design – Kitchen”

So if you are looking for a minimal looking storage that is filled with different functional modules in your kitchen or living or office – the Pocket System is your solution.

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