February 2023

Month of Love – Lighting sets the mood

Ambience of a room is greatly determined by the way it has been illuminated. The quality of lighting significantly impacts a person’s feelings in that space. This physical environment has deeper psychological effect which further leads to behavioral responses.

In the occasion of a date night, the idea is to make your partner feel relaxed and comfortable. There are a few light settings that you can use to achieve this with Occhio luminaires.

Intensity of light: Bright light creates dynamic energy which is more functional. Although what you really want to achieve is a glare-free, cosy and romantic atmospheric ambience. Dimmable lighting achieves mystical and intimate settings. The idea is to be able to manage the intensity with ease. Occhio luminaire’s brightness can be controlled remotely with the Occhio AIR controller, your smart phone, or even your smart watch. If the light is within reach, then simple hand gestures can also be used to control the brightness.

Temperature of light: Warm-toned lighting, warm white to yellow, creates a relaxed and calm vibe. Occhio lights offer temperatures ranging from warmer 2700 to cooler 4000 Kelvin. This can be controlled easily via hand gestures, remote control or smart devices. The gradual change in temperature is to get the perfect light, whenever & wherever.

Light pools: Instead of flood lights washing the entire space, it is a better idea to have pools of lights at strategic corners. Accent lighting can highlight artworks, seating corner, dining table, bar cabinet, or just the coziest corner of the room cutting out any other visual disturbance around it. A person will involuntarily move from one illuminated area to another, and this track can be choreographed by using Occhio’s spotlights, floor, ceiling and wall lights.

Lighting plays an essential role in setting the ambience of any space. Occhio lighting is an invitation to enjoy and be inspired. To feel a sense of calm and to have clarity of vision. To enjoy moments of togetherness with your loved ones.

Light is life!