January 2023

A company’s core values are crucial as they set the direction and tone for the organization’s progress. Effective leaders sustain long-term success for the company by enlisting and upholding these values.

Mr. Oliver Goettling, German entrepreneur, founded Goettling Interiors based on German values. He has led the company to become one of the UAE’s top German luxury interior brands dealers in the last 13 years.

What exactly are “German values”?

Highest quality

Germans are known for producing high-quality products with emphasis on precision engineering. The attention to detail and commitment towards innovation ensures German products are reliable and durable

next125 has been awarded ISO certificates and GS seal of tested safety, certifying that the demands placed on ease and convenience of use, load-bearing capacity, material consistency and safety are satisfied in full. All our German brands have rigorous quality control checks and certifications that guarantee no compromised products leave their state-of-art manufacturing unit.


Schüller’s innovative product development is for end users who appreciate thoughtful design, precision workmanship and quality materials. In addition to the highest standards of design, innovation and efficiency, all our brands advocate sustainability. Our kitchen brand Schüller has been awarded the highest level of “Climate Neutral Furniture Manufacturer“. Both Parador flooring’s sites – at Coesfeld and Güssing – operate on electricity from renewable sources only.

Our premium German lighting brand Occhio’s benchmark for the perfect light is the highest quality of light – sunlight. Occhio has developed their own high-performance LED package with interchangeable and dimmable modules. This breakthrough innovative module creates glare-free light that can be controlled by intuitive hand gestures utilizing infrared technology.


Precision in design, form and functionality is consistent in all our products and services over the years. The perfect manufacturing of all products allows for accurate execution of our design concepts. Consistency in precision originates right from the manufacturing process in Germany until the perfectly leveled and assembled kitchen here in the UAE.

Furthermore, Schüller’s top-quality lacquer range’s color and quality is strictly maintained. This allows a client to add new cabinets to his Schüller kitchen after years in case he wants to expand his kitchen space and yet have no discrepancies in the front finishes. Our success stories illustrate perfectly installed kitchens, lightings, wardrobes and flooring.


Punctuality with precision is synonymous with our products, service and project timeline. Schüller manufactures 450+ kitchens every single day, ensuring on-time readiness of our orders. Our in-house logistics team works meticulously to ensure the products are brought in from Germany to UAE securely as fast as possible. Followed by our trained installation team fastidiously installing and readying the site for handover at the earliest.


Honesty is an important ethical principle in our design process. We believe in informing and guiding our clients according to their needs and vision. It helps our clients to make informed decisions about whether and how to effectively use a product. We have an extremely straightforward sales process that makes clients feel at ease and in control. 

These German values are a tradition at Goettling Interiors. Our Google Reviews and testimonials are testament of our tailor-made design and unparalleled sales services.

Time for some metaphors!

Oliver was asked to complete 2 statements:

1: If our company was a car brand it would be a ___________:

Oliver: All car brands that are made in Munich, Germany – like me. German cars are dynamic, agile, created with state of the art technology and  top-notch design, fun to drive. Due to the wide range they offer there is a model that is suitable for everyone – entry range to most sophisticated expectations.. 

2: If our company was a landscape it would be ___:

Oliver: Germany. Rich in variety from North Sea Coast to Alps in the South. Something for every taste enriched with sophisticated culture and architecture that ranges from tradition, contemporary & ultra-modern.

Well, ladies & gentlemen, that is Goettling Interiors for you. As German as it can get!