Economics do not work without ecology.

– Schüller

The Schüller Möbelwerk KG combines the topic sustainability with the responsibility for ecological, economical and social aspects.

Having been awarded the label climate neutral furniture manufacturer“ in 2020, Schüller put its products to the test in 2021. These were examined for their greenhouse gas balance using the “cradle-to-customer” approach. The result of the calculation revealed that Schüller’s product range is climate-neutral up to the point of delivery to the customer, thanks to the CO2 storage of the wood materials used and the previous certification as a climate-neutral furniture producer. This way, kitchens and furnitures by Schüller are also “climate-neutral products“.

A novelty of the Schüller Collection 2022 also constituted a sustainable statement: the handle “OceanIX“ is made from recycled ocean plastic, such as dis-carded fishing accessories, ropes and nets, and offers an ecological alternative to the classic handle variants.

Source – Schüller Press Release 2022