July 2023

An authentic victory for the authentic kitchen brand – next125!

next125 has been awarded the highest honor in the complex field of professional brand management.

next125 has won a multitude of awards for its special kitchen designs and is now also proving itself in terms of brand positioning and leadership. However, it’s important to remember that the kitchen furniture itself is at the heart of every award – the quality, longevity, aesthetics and efficiency.

The brand has become quintessential in the realm of premium German kitchens – the heart of the home, so its market positioning being approachable and enjoyable is crucial.

It’s even more exciting that the independent jury and the German Brand Institute have recognized the appealing brand image and distinctive characteristic design.

Markus Schüller, CEO of Schüller Möbelwerk KG says,

“We are proud of this award from the Design Council as next125 is a young brand that, strategy and perfection aside, is above all one thing: authentic. I’m really pleased that the jury has recognised this with a gold award.”

Statement of the jury

Based on Bauhaus values, the international premium brand next125 combines craftsmanship, technology and sophisticated architecture with state-of-the-art industrial production. The result is exceptionally elegant kitchens for quality and design-conscious customers in the middle and upper market segments. The manufacturer positions next125 as a premium brand, with its characteristic design feature of a metric grid size of 125 mm, alongside the quality brand Schüller kitchens and furnishings, a special feature that is unique on the market and which makes the kitchens unmistakable. The next125 brand enjoys an excellent reputation, a success that is undoubtedly due to the compelling branding, which perfectly understands how to convey the brand’s functional and emotional benefits, thereby creating an attractive brand image and making the products desirable.

Statement of Jury Source – German Brand Award Website

Here are some more of the awards won by Schüller & next125:

Here’s to many more well-deserving recognitions like this in the future!