May 2023


Enigmatic Schüller showroom kitchen in dark and metallic hues.

Metallic and dark wood finishes by Schüller crowned with black worktop and backed with the classic travertine backsplash.

Wall cabinets are an efficient combination of open shelves and glass cabinets. All the shelves have lighting integrated that add to the ambience.

The base cabinets are a variety of storage options – drawers, cabinets with swing doors, cabinets with sliding doors and open shelves. The tall cabinets are for appliance integration alongwith the showstopper black glass roller-shutter cabinet with its own pull-out shelf.

The aesthetic of this kitchen is dual. During the day, it looks calmly serene in daylight, whereas in the evening with the integrated kitchen lights on, the visual changes into a more mystical nocturnal vibe.

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Kitchen Inclusions:

  • Complete Kitchen furniture with the drawers, cabinets, open shelves and wall Cube system
  • Worktop and backsplash

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