Year 2020, we are grateful – Brand Partners.

It will not be far-fetched to assume that everyone in this wide world was impacted by the viral pandemic. Year 2020 was dotted by numerous unfortunate events globally, but only in these dark times did the light of hope, virtuosity and kindness shone the brightest. Goettling Interiors was one of the many fortuitous companies that managed to keep their operations maximally unaffected. This was largely made possible by our trustworthy brand partners who ensured production lines and deliveries remained on-schedule. Schüller, Occhio, Interlübke, Kettnaker, COR, Parador, Vestaboard, miinu, are our premium furniture, lighting and decor brands that worked tirelessly to uphold workforce safety and operational timelines. Our top-notch brands not only adhered to the safety guidelines and delivery timelines, they also had product launches, award wins and anniversary special catalog publications!

Take a look:

Schüller next125 innovations:

Occhio innovations: In addition to the new Phantom finish, Occhio introduced mirror lights within the Mito series:

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