Ceramic Kitchen Front


We’re really excited about our new Ceramic Front kitchens by Next 125!

Winner of the reddot Award 2016, this attractive material is available in various hues and textures which provide an interesting tactile experience.

Ceramic – lighter than aluminum and harder than natural stone- is a natural man-made material. Like porcelain, ceramic only contains substances which also occur naturally in this form. This makes the material eco-friendly and allows it to be recycled completely.

Ideal for use in kitchens, food can be hygienically processed directly on the surface with its resistance to cutting and heat.

In combination with oak accents, this look stands for understated sophistication for a modern contemporary look.

For Example: A freestanding cooking area in ceramic concrete grey imitation appears to have been hewn from a single block. The low plinth lets the cooking area appear to float while the clear line of gaps without handles or grip ledges lets purist hearts skip a beat. Drawers and pull-outs equipped with the mechanical opening aid TIP-ON make this design version possible.

The material is also available in a dark grey that can be combined with soft wood finishes to round up the actual feel of the composition.

Find out more in the picture gallery.

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