Exquisite events need the perfect lighting partner to ensure best visibility and atmosphere. Occhio lights will be illuminating an experiential immersive group exhibition at the Summer Garden in the iconic ICD Brookfield Place.

The Sublime Nature of Being is a a multi-sensory exhibition curated and produced by Ambika Hinduja Macker. The exhibition will bring 10 renowned artists under one roof.

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Why Occhio is the best suited lighting for illuminating art?

To create something extraordinary! Only with light we can experience our environment. Light guides us through spaces, light focuses, light creates ease – without us consciously perceiving it.

This is exactly what is required in an art exhibition where the artists wants the visitor’s vision to be maneuvered in a certain direction. Occhio light offers the best quality of light by creating temperatures ranging from 2700K to 4000K at CRI 97.

The color tuning feature of Occhio luminaires enables the artist to choose under which temperature his or her art looks the best.

The Occhio luminaire heads can be rotated to adjust the spotlight spectrum to illuminate the art optimally. For instance, the 45 degree angle light by Occhio’s Lui Pico plays a pivotal role for visual artist Fred Eerdekens whose art is all about shadow play.

Another reason is the sophisticated form of the Occhio luminaires which is in sync with the mesmerizing experiential art displayed in the exhibition.

Afterall, art & objects can only shine when they have light – just like our eyes. It is what makes them vibrant and hold something wonderful, something magical.

Here are some previously done projects by Occhio HQ, in which Occhio spotlights were used to illuminate the wall art:

Occhio at The Sublime Nature of Being

Open for Public

Date: 23rd January – 27th February 2022

Timing: 10am to 10pm

Venue: Summer Garden, ICD Brookfield Place, DIFC, Dubai

Parking: Paid parking available in the basement parking