German Design Award 2020

The German Design Award is the international premium prize of the German Design Council. It honours innovative products and projects, their manufacturers and designers who are pioneers in the German and international design landscape. This is guaranteed by the top-class international jury. It is one of the most recognized design competitions worldwide and is a prize that makes success visible.

Whoever prevails against the competition is one of the best. interlübke has proven this impressively. Our new product just cube was awarded in the category “Excellent Product Design – Furniture” – even in gold.This is how the jury explains their choice: “Real innovations are becoming increasingly rare in the sideboard furniture sector. just cube is innovative. The carefully thoughtout system allows a variety of extraordinary configurations to shape the furniture according to individual requirements – be that to match a room or as a contrasting eye-catcher. The special thing here is that just cube is always recognisable, regardless of which variant it appears in.”
just cube impressed the jury with a maximum of flexibility and functionality and convinced them as a very clean and precisely finished product with beautiful proportions and high-quality surfaces.With our newcomer just cube, we have successfully set ourselves apart from the crowd. This is the exact feeling which we want our customers to experience in their homes. The joy of owning a truly unique piece, which is individual and not only looks good but also offers functionality.An award that honours us very much and is a confirmation for us to continue along the path we have chosen. We are very proud of our team, which is essential to our success, with true dedication to craftsmanship and handicraft.

Text by Interlübke.

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