What’s the Idea behind next125?

The idea behind next125 was the creation of a new kitchen generation for the premium segment. A kitchen positioned between the broad mainstream and the high-end products. A kitchen brand which is design oriented, ergonomically perfect, modern but not trendy. A kitchen which is always one step ahead and which remains affordable in spite of all high demands.

Combining emotion with individual design and function is our claim. At the same time paying attention to an ideal price-performance ratio is our goal. This is how the next125 collection is designed in rural Bavaria. Produced with a particular focus on high quality by people for whom quality is not only a promise but daily common practice. This way, next125 merges design, quality and an attractive price into a statement for sustainable thinking – made in Germany.

What is the next125 System?

The name next125 says it all. The kitchen is based on a 125mm grid guaranteeing perfect compatibility between the parts. True to the Bauhaus philosophy: modularity – for a flexible, but always consistent, internally coherent design statement.

The measure of all things is the building height in 125 mm stages, which basically is an eighth-metre. Classified in a metric system, this results in a flexible ergonomic grid-system for people of any height. Inspired by the clear Bauhaus style the next125 kitchen offers a variety of planning options to a designer. From the kitchen with handle solutions to the handle-less kitchen with angled or round end support panels up to the wall-mounted kitchen. In this way, everybody can realize their idea of a clear design.

The grid system as an architectural feature. The stringent arrangement of the fronts offers ideal conditions to create a harmonious joint pattern. The result is an alignment of the next125 kitchen, based on a clear design. This emphasizes the architectural spatial philosophy.

D – P = NX

D – P = NX is the formula according to which we think and work. International Design minus Price, which is lower than you might suspect- results in next125 kitchens. Maybe this is the formula of sustainability: since it remains our aim to create design driven enthusiasm. Creating an international language of design, lending the kitchens a character which prevents them from the banality and permanently fills them with life. For what stays alive gives people pleasure for a long time. In order to achieve this, we continuously optimize our processes. It’s only in this way, a product can be developed with an aura lifting emotions and at the same time astonishing the ratio by its reasonable pricing. Below the line is the ” democracy of design” : good design at an attractive price. The essence of the Bauhaus movement.

The goal is to create a kitchen architecture for people and their needs.

next125 is the best companion to shape your personal living space – whether purist, with focus on material, or simply casual. True to the motto: kitchen – the new focal point at home.

Download the 2021 collection catalog.