We are in this together.

These are unprecedented times that have resulted in unforeseen disruptions in personal and professional arenas. These are also extraordinary times when we have risen up to the task of our social responsibility and community well being.
At Goettling Interiors, we have internally adapted to this situation by taking adequate safety measures at our showroom, office and sites. Despite this exceptional situation, our design team is at your side and supports you by phone, email or video call in the implementation of your projects. We are maintaining our efforts to complete and handover sites with least or no delays.
Our German furniture and light brand partners – Schüller, Occhio, Interlübke, Kettnaker and COR exercise necessary safety practices in their offices and manufacturing units. Production timelines have not been adversely affected until now.
We wish you all a safe and peaceful time ahead.

For more information and design enquiries please call us on 044270568.

You can also drop us an email at mail@goettling.me or fill the form below.

Stay safe,
Team Goettling

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