Occhio – Goettling partnership feature in Identity magazine.

Identity Magazine, magazine, article about Occhio lighting in Dubai exclusively with Goettling Interiors, Featuring Mito Sospeso in Goettling Interiors Showroom

Light is evolution

Goettling Interiors – the top regional source for contemporary German brands – presents Occhio Lighting

Enlightened thinking

With a partnership with Occhio Lighting, Goettling Interiors is redefining how the region is thinking about how illumination can transform one’s lifestyle.

Founder and owner Oliver Goettling’s trusted relationship with top German brands can be seen in this regional exclusive arrangement with the favourite brand of top international designers.

The brand has won the hearts of regional designers, especially with the Mito light, when it exhibited at downtown design in 2017 – and, as expected, it created quite a stir in the Dubai design scene.

Known for innovative modular luminaire systems, the top Germann lighting brand believes, like Goettling, that light quality enhances the quality of life and is part of an evolutionary process of living thats enhanced by thoughtful design.

Occhios chic, sensual Mito features the brand’s signature touchless control, that illuminates a room as if by magic. With simple, integrated gestures, the light intensity and even the colour of light can be controlled according to mood and need. Aesthetic masterpieces that accentuate the Mito family’s quintessential feature, Mito largo and Mito raggio are new arc luminaires whose ring-shaped heads float weightlessly on their conical, minimalist carbon bodies.

Design Legacy

Continuing in the spirit of this rich legacy of design culture, dubais goettling interiors understands the power, privilege and responsibility of being a trusted resource for the community.

“I appreciate and also personally resonate with the characteristics of the emirate of Dubai where I founded my design firm – self-made, ambitious, resilient and respectful towards traditions,” he explains.

The trust is also linked to his core belief and understanding of the relationship between luxury and design. “With the steadily growing high net worth individuals who aren’t addled by luxury brands, there is a proportionate increase in the need to be distinctive. the above relationship between luxury demanding discreet exclusivity is ironed out by bespoke designs. this is a perennial ever-increasing phenomenon, and hence we see more indulgence and demand in the luxury market, much to our benefit,” says Goettling.

“My work ethic as a designer and businessman exude the quintessential german design values: high quality, efficiency, precision and awe-inspiring aesthetics,” explains Oliver goettling, the founder, owner and visionary behind his eponymous brand- which has been the exclusive source for Occhio lighting.

Displaying greatness

The tranquil panoramic view from his atypically iconic, contemporary showroom on the 34th floor of Ubora tower in Business Bay – which takes in the iconic Burj Khalifa – is an awe-inspiring vista for all his existing and prospective clientele.

From his meticulously designed experiential showroom, the 18 members of his team of business-minded architects, engineers, interior designers and highly-skilled craftsmen guide guests through premium German kitchens, lighting, wardrobes, seating suites and more. Hailing from many different countries, these professionals have been a part of the company for many years, enabling the brand to understand the diversity of all cultures living in Dubai and their individual requirements and lifestyles.

The company’s state-of-the-art presentation area includes photo-realistic 3d simulations of proposed concepts, as well as samples of the latest materials and finishes. The company exclusively represents top-notch German brands like Occhio lighting, Schüller kitchens, COR, Interlübke & Kettnaker for seating and wardrobes, and Miinu for rugs and carpets.

In addition, it also has Parador for flooring, Cosentino for quartz surfaces, Gaggenau, Miele, Siemens, Elica and Liebherr for kitchen appliances, and Foster and Quooker for sinks and mixers.

“The market has many offerings when it comes to top-of-the-range brands,” continues goettling. “however, we add the real value by giving the intensive know-how and experience in our field and the UAE market in particular. it is extremely important to be able to offer a solution to almost any size of project and within all expectations.”

And unlike many showrooms and design centres, service doesn’t end once guests leave the premises or make a purchase. “Our post-sales customer service is impeccable, reaffirming the trust our clients invest in us at the beginning of the project,” he emphasises. When asked about the place in dubai that inspires him the most, goettling praises his showroom space, noting that it’s the international luxury interior brands, professional team and discerning clients that have made the space into the premiere site for contemporary German design.

“It was designed as a silo of inspiration, with its unobstructed panoramic view of the ever-growing emirate of Dubai, and the tranquillity the showroom environment offers. Come see us to believe it,” Goettling proclaims. We can’t wait for our next visit.

Identity Magazine | Issue 181 | November 2018