Our Stuttgart facility is home to a small team of qualified employees, working in development, sales, marketing, production, and logistics – all under one roof.

 STENG LICHT products are ‘Made in Germany’ and sold across the globe – our main markets are Germany, the USA, Australia, the Benelux countries, Scandinavia, and Switzerland.

The majority of STENG LICHT products are our own creations. However, this does not stop us collaborating with designers from around the world. Successful examples include the OPTIMAL range, designed and conceived by Ulirch Reichart from Austria, LUMO, designed by Serge Cornbellissen from Belgium, LIGHTNESS,  designed by Henk Stallinga from the Netherlands, COMBILIGHT, designed by Prof.Wulf Schneider, Michael Raasch, Hadi Teherani or the sucessful cooperation with Stefanie Hering, Berlin.