A company’s core values are crucial for business as they set the foundational direction and tone for the organization. Effective leaders sustain a successful long-term trajectory for the company by enlisting and upholding these values.

Mr.Oliver Goettling founded Goettling Interiors based on his German values. He has led the company to become one of the UAE’s top German luxury interior brands dealer in the last 13 years.

What are his German values that are instilled in the heart of the company? 

Highest Quality. Innovation. Precision. Punctuality. Honesty.

German quality is underpinned on the country’s strong tradition of precision engineering and manufacturing. The attention to detail and commitment towards innovation ensures German products are reliable and durable. All our German brands have rigorous quality control checks and certifications, that guarantee no compromised products leave their manufacturing unit.

These characteristics are clearly protracted into our team in Dubai. Our Google Reviews and testimonials are evidence of our relentless endeavor to provide clients unparalleled quality of design and sales services.

Our diverse team of designers, installers, admin, accounts & logistics work harmoniously, to ensure timely handovers of success stories. Punctuality with precision is synonymous with our product, services and project timelines.

In addition to the highest standards of design, innovation and efficiency, all our brands advocate sustainability. Our kitchen brand Schüller has been awarded the highest level of “Climate Neutral Furniture Manufacturer“. Both Parador flooring’s sites – at Coesfeld and Güssing – operate on electricity from renewable sources only. Our exemplary lighting brand Occhio has championed the use of high-performance LEDs since its inception to reduce power consumption and enhance the quality of light.

We strive to bring in the extraordinary kitchen, lighting, furniture and flooring brands from Germany. Premium brands, like the ones we have, offer excellent products with an exhaustive list of features. This empowers our designers to design with greater freedom and honesty.

Honesty in design is an important ethical principle in our design process, as it helps to ensure that our clients are able to make informed decisions about whether and how to effectively use a product. We have an extremely straightforward sales process that makes clients feel at ease and in control.

It seems relevant to share this snippet from a conversation with Oliver in which we asked him to complete 2 statements:

1: If our company was a car it would be a ___:

Oliver: BMW. Made in Munich – Germany – like me. BMW is dynamic, agile, state of the art technology and design, fun to drive. Due to the wide range they offer there is a model that is suitable for everyone.

2: If our company was a landscape it would be ___:

Oliver: Germany. Rich in variety from North Sea Coast to Alps in the South. Something for every taste along with sophisticated culture in each area.

Well, ladies & gentlemen, that is Goettling Interiors for you. As German as it can get!